Can I join?

We are open to new members at different times throughout the year, depending on our concert cycle. If you are interested in joining, please email our membership secretary ( for more information.

Will I have to audition?

We have a “no auditions” policy; everybody is welcome to come along.

Do I have to read music?

No, you do not need to read music, at least not initially. You’ll quickly pick up how to follow the musical score as you rehearse your part. Pretty soon you’ll find you can read the music well enough to rehearse and perform.

What does it cost to join?

See our fees policy.

When and where are the rehearsals held?

See Rehearsals section of the website.

How does a non-audition choir maintain such high standards?

Our excellent music team teaches us many aspects of singing and performing during rehearsals, from hints on following the music, to breathing, rhythm, and expression. Experienced members can help new members, and we can suggest rehearsal aids.

We expect members to help us maintain our standards by attending as many rehearsals as they possibly can (see minimum attendance requirements here) and by withdrawing from a performance if they feel they are not ready. Where there is a concern about a member’s ability or behaviour we will let them know and try to help. If necessary we may require a member to withdraw from performances or rehearsals.

What can I expect when I come along?

Hackney Singers’ rehearsals are entertaining, relaxing and challenging. Dan and Andrew leave us in no doubt that we must continue to work hard and improve ourselves but, more often than not, they manage to do that by making us laugh – lots.

When you arrive introduce yourself to anyone and ask for the Section Rep for your voice, who will welcome you and arrange for you to get hold of music, sit you next to a helpful member of the section and generally help make you comfortable.

I’m not sure what section to join, what should I do?

If you are unsure which section to join (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) talk to one of the section reps at your first rehearsal. There are lots of videos on YouTube that help you gauge where your voice is on the spectrum. We might suggest that you have a brief session with one of the musical staff to see which of the sections best suits your voice.