An Audience with Hackney Singers at St John Hackney

Photo Graham Turnbull

Sunday November 8th, 2009, 6.30pm at St. John at Hackney

Dvorak – Te Deum

Vivaldi – Magnificat

Mozart – Kyrie

Sibelius – Be Still, My Soul

“The choir came alive and brought the audience alive with it” – Audience member

photo Graham Turnbull

“The performance was very special. Hackney Singers performances always are. The atmosphere was actually unlike any other concert, truthfully. It’s a real privilege to be asked to sing with the choir.” – Soprano, Helen Meyerhoff

“I can fairly say that I have never quite experienced a concert like it. It was an absolutely magnificent idea because you’ve obviously got a very loyal audience and it was a means of getting the audience to closely connect and bond with the choir and it was a fantastic success. Everyone got involved, everyone got hyped and excited – they could see some of Mark’s techniques and that gave them an insight into how to perform at a concert – it was just a fantastic experience” – Baritone / Bass, Andrew Mayor