Rehearsals are Thursdays during term time at St Luke’s Church, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Last updated: January 2018


Thursday 11 January – first rehearsal of 2018

Saturday 27 January – extra Saturday rehearsal, 10.30am – 12.30pm (at St Lukes)

Saturday 24 February – extra Saturday rehearsal, 10.30am – 12.30pm (at St Lukes)

No rehearsals Thursday 29 March or 5 April for Easter holidays

Tuesday 24 April – extra rehearsal (at St Lukes)

Saturday 28 April – Spring Concert – Elijah at Walthamstow Assembly Hall at 7pm



15 min coffee and tea break during which choir members socialise around 20.30.


Has to be signed when arriving, as it helps to get a good picture of the choir, especially regarding logistics (e.g. seating for concerts)


75% minimum needed to be able to sing at the Spring and Autumn concert


Are kindly tolerated inside the church, provided parked on provided tarpaulin; protection of carpet with tarpaulin as well as putting said tarpaulin away is cyclists’ responsibility.


Help is welcome from everybody to put out chairs from 19.00 on, as well as putting them away at the end of rehearsal.


The membership subscriptions for 2015/16 are:

Full: £165 annual | two installments £87.50 September, £87.50 February
Concession: £45 annual | two installments £23.50 September, £23.50 February

This fee includes musical scores and rehearsal refreshments. We don’t want subscription costs to be a barrier to membership. Please talk to your section rep about what you can afford.

Hackney Singers reclaims Gift Aid on the membership subs. HMRC recently tightened up the rules, which are reflected in new guidance issued by Making Music. With the help of an advisory group, the HS committee looked at the guidance and agreed that in future we should only claim Gift Aid on 85% of the subs received.

In order to offset this loss, the committee has agreed to increase the membership fees by £5.00, on both full and concessionary rates.

From September 2013 the full rate will now be £165 pa (or two payments of £87.50). The concessionary rate will be £45 pa (or two payments of £23.50).  Please note we have not increased membership fees since 2009, when we agreed to do so to assist with  Music purchase and  refreshments, both of which are now included in the subs fee.

People  declaring their Hackney Singers subscription as a charitable donation on their tax return should make sure that their declaration reflects the fact that 15% of the subscription is not treated as a donation. In other words, only 85% of the HS subscription paid in any tax year can be treated as a charitable donation that will attract Gift Aid.

If you are one of those who pays a concessionary rate but adds an extra amount (as you can afford a bit more) then in future we will ask you to make two separate payments. One as membership the second as a donation This is because we cannot claim Gift Aid on the donation. But please do keep that donation  coming, if you can afford it.

If you are looking for a short leave of absence, please let us know so that we can make a note of it.